Why Drivers Flock to Total Transportation and Distribution

Transportation has always been the backbone of most businesses in history. Whether you’re sending your product directly to a customer or to another company for their next big project, your product will probably end up being shipped on a truck. In fact, almost 71% of all goods shipped within America is shipped on freight trucks. Although the unemployment rate has dropped, there are not enough freight truck drivers to transport everything Americans are shipping as the economy improves.

The freight truck driver shortage is, in turn, increasing transportation costs across the board. Even moguls like Amazon are feeling the effect; the company’s CEO, Brian Olsavsky, said one of the reasons the Amazon Prime annual membership increased by $20 was because of higher shipping expenses. So where are all the skilled and experienced freight truck drivers?

Competitors might require their drivers to wait at the shipping dock for several hours because of poorly designed route schedules. Sad to say, instead of under 2 hours, drivers sometimes have to wait, without pay, over 5 hours for their trucks to be loaded or unloaded. Worse still, some competitors have a general work environment that drains satisfaction and motivation. Not to mention the long hours and nights away from home for cross-country drivers. Very few people would be interested in staying with that sort of company if they had other options. Regrettably, all of that has been standard practice for the past few decades.

You won’t see any of those long-standing issues at Total Transportation and Distribution. Long wait times are atypical and scarcely ever occur. Not only do we have a Driver Appreciation Week, but drivers earn recognition awards at our quarterly driver meetings. We know earnest appreciation isn’t enough compensation for all individuals, so we also raised the starting pay for our drivers. Best of all? Our drivers are local and go home to their families every night; nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

Looking at Total Transportation and Distribution’s fleet of almost 200 trucks one would not be able to tell that America is experiencing a driver shortage. We have an award-winning team of first-class individuals who are customer focused, and, most of all, determined to take on each and every shipping challenge. With our motivated drivers excited for their next route, we always rise to meet our customer’s needs. Our 99.9% on-time delivery rate is hard earned and celebrated. Our amazing freight truck drivers are our backbone and we’ve never stood taller.

Total Transportation and Distribution is a family run and owned company that began in 1989 to provide Southern California with quality, premier integrated transportation and distribution solutions. Our fleet of freight trucks services anywhere from San Diego to Santa Barbara (and everything in between in Southern California). If you are in need of an LTL Trucking company, try us and see for yourself. For a quote, contact us HERE.

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