Contract Driver Spotlight: Jimmy Cabral

Nationwide the freight industry is tackling a huge problem: a shortage of at least 60,000 freight truck drivers. This shortage is caused by multiple factors, including the increased demand for freight shipments, new federal safety regulations related to truck driving, and a burnt-out workforce tired of decades-old outdated standard practices. Industry experts predict that the shortage will triple over the next decade. Needless to say, drivers of high caliber are exceedingly rare in the market. Experienced drivers skilled in customer service can work for any company they desire.

Contract driver Jimmy Cabral is one of those exceptional drivers that companies fight over. As a contract freight truck driver, Jimmy uses his own truck, a 24′ straight truck, to drive for Total Transportation and Distribution. Jimmy started driving with us in March 2016 to do local LTL deliveries and pickups. Not only does he have a 99.9% on-time track record for pickups and completing deliveries, but he will also break down pallets and freights without complaint when asked. 

Not only is Jimmy a 5-star driver, but he also excels at providing top-notch customer service. He goes the extra mile to thoroughly answer any and all questions customers might have. Reviewing all the feedback about Jimmy shows a pattern; the words that most frequently appear are “excellent,” “friendly,” “helpful,” “amazing,” “went above and beyond,” “professional,” and “THANK YOU!”

One happy customer wrote in about their experience with Jimmy, saying, “he went above and beyond to help us get the pallet where we needed it and took the time to answer all of our questions. Very happy with the experience. Thank you!”

Another customer wrote that Jimmy, “was friendly, professional, and provided a smooth delivery!”

One person used all capitals when stating that they, “just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Jimmy from Total Transportation [and Distribution] did with my delivery just now.”

Yet another feedback comment stated, “I was extremely pleased with my delivery this morning from Jimmy. He was helpful and resourceful and went above and beyond to help me.”

Jimmy Cabral’s helpful nature, positive attitude, and professional demeanor are evident in the workplace and in his personal life. Our local routes ensure that Jimmy is home at night, so he has a great work-life balance. When he’s not driving, Jimmy volunteers his time to help beautify San Bernardino County. The community service movement he volunteers for is called We Are The Change San Bernardino Volunteers. The group cleans up illegal dumping one block at a time and has collected over a whopping 55 tons of garbage so far.

We know just how blessed we are to have Jimmy with us when he could work with any company he wanted! He continues to amaze and impress us with his integrity and character. The entire team sends their sincere thanks to Jimmy for his hard work and dedication to great customer service.

Total Transportation and Distribution is a family run and owned company that began in 1989 to provide Southern California with quality, premier integrated transportation and distribution solutions. Our fleet of freight trucks services anywhere from San Diego to Santa Barbara (and everything in between in Southern California). Would you like to join our family? Find out more about driving for us HERE.