Benefits of Shipping on Pallets

These days, many commercial manufacturers and shippers use shipping pallets to organize and transport their goods. These pallets can be made of plastic, wood, or metal, and can be of a predetermined size. Each pallet holds a certain number of units, meaning buyers can elect to purchase goods by the pallet, rather than individually. Pallets have a lot of benefits for manufacturers, buyers, sellers, and shippers, and trucking companies are encouraged to palletize their shipments.

Palletized shipments have many benefits in terms of portability because they are easier to transport. They can be moved more quickly than individual items, and by “stacking” goods onto a single pallet, warehouses and shippers have fewer objects to keep track of. This protects goods from damage due to transport or extra handling and, because the pallets are a universal size, it’s easy to load them on and off of trucks. When pallets of goods are shipped, there is less labor and risk involved, resulting in a faster turnaround of vehicles and increased efficiency of equipment. In addition, ease of handling and less of it means a reduced risk of employee injury.

Palletized shipments are stronger because they are on a base of strong plastic, wood, or metal rather than being wrapped in cardboard or plastic. With this increase in strength, heavier goods can be shipped, without fear of the pallet breaking. Being up and off of the ground, pallets also keep goods clear of dirt, debris, and water damage.

The physical strength of pallets makes them a great upgrade for the transportation of commodities like fresh produce, providing drainage and circulation which regular shipping containers don’t, preventing them from spoiling.

Despite being lightweight, pallets are still very strong. They also take up much less space than other shipping containers and, being of uniform shape, are able to be stacked, reducing the amount of floor space they require. The lightest pallets are made of wood or plastic, can be carried by one person, and add very little weight to the goods being transported.

Pallets are durable, particularly those made of metal or plastic, and can be used multiple times before needing to be recycled or repaired. Once they have been used beyond repair, they can be recycled, no matter what material they are made of. Plastic and metal pallets can be melted down, recast, or sold as scrap, creating a new use for them. Wooden pallets can also be “recycled;” they can be disassembled and used in other construction projects or sold to outside buyers to be used as firewood, mulch, or compost. In addition, customers prefer pallets as well because of their portability and strength and ease of purchase and receiving.

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