last mile logistics

Last Mile LTL Trucking


Make the last mile efficient and timely.

Last mile logistics is becoming a key factor in supply chain management. As an award-winning LTL trucking company, we pride ourselves on last mile deliveries (a.k.a. final mile) deliveries.

Our last mile LTL trucking services include:

  1. Next day commercial and residential pallet load (standard size)
  2. We route and plan for deliveries throughout Southern California see map HERE
  3. Consolidating shipments at our terminal in Rancho Cucamonga. Meaning we can pick up from several different locations, consolidate all shipments onto a trailer/container on standard pallets for you and ensure delivery to your final destination.

Who Qualifies for our last mile LTL trucking services?

  • Commercial deliveries
  • Curbside only residential deliveries
  • Lift-Gate deliveries; with the weight of pallets to be less than 1800 lbs and measuring no more than 48×40. (Rail-Gate services are available upon request for non-standard size pallets and or weight over 1800 lbs)
  • Direct shipper (Non-Broker Freight)
  • Able to accommodate deliveries/pickups during regular business hours of 8 am – 5 pm, out of regular business hours service available upon request. (Note: Additional fees will apply)

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