Fast, Reliable and “Melt Free” Trucking Services

Innovation in Logistics and Reliable LTL Trucking Services

Most people think frozen items require refrigerated trucks, chilled containers and specialized trucking companies to ensure a “melt free” delivery, so it may surprise you that Total Transportation has ZERO refrigerated trucks. Despite this, we have demonstrated success with a customer we proudly serve that manufactures frozen ice cream products.

When the Request For Proposal (RFP) first came in, everyone shrugged their shoulders, but after reviewing the details and the expectations of the customer, the team at Total decided that this was for them to solve. It is all in the precision around working closely with the customer, understanding their requirements, and looking at the routing frequency. The routes involve anywhere from 3 to 20 pallet loads per day throughout Southern California. The frozen goods are packed in dry ice, on pallets and picked up from the manufacturing location as required. The pallets are distributed to amusement parks, zoos, entertainment venues and sports stadiums. At Total Transportation and Distribution, we call this LTL trucking; we pick up consignments on pallet loads and deliver them on an agreed routing schedule, working with the person receiving the shipment and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction all around.

Our deliveries are 99.9% on time and yes, if the items melt for whatever reason, Total Transportation and Distribution will always assume the liability. The cost structure for this type of shipment is competitive, but the ultimate prize is amazing customer service and working with a dedicated team of drivers and routing professionals. The entire logistics process is managed through the company’s Transportation Management System (TMS); the whole team has full visibility from customer request to delivery and the tracking is done in real time. The customer also has access to routing and driver locations so that they are able to monitor progress and deliveries. “There is no room for error in this supply chain set up, our focus is on-time delivery each and every day, be it a small request or large request” says Jose Garcia, Business Development Manager for Total Transportation and Distribution.

Headquartered in Rancho Cucamonga, Total Transportation and Distribution has won a plethora of awards becoming renowned for its high level of customer service involving LTL trucking throughout Southern California. In addition, because of its strategic partnership with Westset Logistics, a complete comprehensive logistics solution is offered for 3PL warehousing, distribution and overall logistics. TTD’s fleet has the capacity to deliver same day or next and the willingness to handle frozen items speaks as a testament to their capability and commitment to quality service.

Total Transportation and Distribution drivers often receive raving reviews for going the extra mile. Many have complimented drivers who don’t simply drop off goods, but also ask if more assistance is required; they are pleasant and want to provide great service for the person receiving the goods. Drivers who work for Total Transportation and Distribution are either employed by the company or are independent contractors who are part of the company’s driver program. “Drivers who drive for us are committed to our vision and values of the business, which is very customer centric” says Jose.

We invite manufacturers throughout Southern California, having simple requests or complex routing requirements to challenge us with their LTL or FTL trucking needs. We have a team of outstanding people who are award winning, customer focused and, most of all, determined to take on each and every routing challenge. This is a family run and owned business, which routes products from San Diego to Santa Barbara and anywhere in between in Southern California. For more information please contact us HERE.