2012 Carrier of the Year Award

Monday, March 18th 2013, Guy Dominguez received an email from Clear Lane Chief Operations Officer saying that Clear Lane is awarding Total Transportation and Distribution the 2012 Carrier of the Year Award. “The account came to us with very high demands and the team had to roll up their sleeves and work through each issue for Clear Lane” says Mr. Dominguez. The challenges came to Total based on little preparation time, lots of special requests and the need for attention to detail. There are many carriers who would have perhaps walked away from the business given the demands were at times at the last hour, causing on the spot decisions to be made to satisfy not only Clear Lane but other customers as well. The juggling act was executed with excellence.

The award was derived after a survey was handed out to Clear Lane employees where management wanted to know more about the performance of partner carriers. This included a mix bag of questions from what they did well and not so well. The responses were consistent throughout the survey that Total Transportation’s performance was superior and that everyone enjoyed working with the team at Total. “At the end of the day, the transportation of goods is critical for the make or break of Clear Lanes business with its’ customers, and therefore, we are their partners in making this part of the supply chain work” Mr. Dominguez continues.