Mike Coleman – Dispatch Supervisor

Mike has over 19 years combined experience with Oak Harbor Freight and Con-Way Freight. Mike was in the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic where he learned valuable skills in self-discipline and quick thinking under pressure. He began his transportation career at Con-Way Freight at the downtown Los Angeles Terminal where he started working on the loading dock. He attended the company school (acquiring his Class A License) and began to work the line haul operation as a Class A shuttle driver between service centers. An opportunity arose for him to work in the city operations, running a delivery route. After more than 15 years with Con-Way, Mike took an opportunity at Oak Harbor Freight in Fontana as the Dispatch Supervisor. He  managed the daily manpower planning for pickup and delivery of customer shipments. He managed data management of 35+ driver trips at once, coordinating pickup and deliveries of freight based on customer needs. Mike is working the day-shift in Mira Loma, as he learns our systems, works with dispatch and gains understanding of the processes performed.