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The last two years have been the most challenging imaginable for the freight industry. Since the start of the pandemic, nearly every sector of the economy at every level has been affected by restrictions and shortages. Shipping, however, has been unusually impacted. Demand for all kinds of deliveries skyrocketed at the same time as shutdowns and lack of labor reduced the capacity of the transportation system to meet those demands. It has been difficult, if not impossible, to predict the challenges that each new day would present during this time as Total Transportation & Distribution worked to try to maintain a pre-pandemic level of predictable service to our clients.

The woes affecting shipping nationwide and around the world throughout the pandemic produced growing frustration for everybody involved—businesses shipping goods, customers expecting deliveries, and the shipping companies doing their best to meet expectations when the system was massively overburdened. To have shipments that were once quick and easy be postponed due to circumstances outside of anyone’s control seemed both unimaginable and unfair.

At Total Transportation, we felt that frustration along with our clients. We, like other companies throughout the industry, were hit with all the adversities that come with trying to uphold normal operations during a global pandemic, including the worries that came with having staff out sick with COVID-19. Hardest of all was juggling competing priorities to try to produce the best possible outcomes under the circumstances, knowing that in many cases we would not be able to please everyone.

Throughout it all, we doubled down on our commitment to making sure the freight entrusted to us was delivered and our customers were kept informed at every step. We know that the challenges faced by our industry are not over, but the resilience we’ve built in overcoming past issues allows us to face them with greater strength.

Learning and Improving

It can be hard for a business to read harsh reviews from customers who feel let down. Knowing that people are far more likely to take the opportunity to vent their feelings when they feel dissatisfied than when they’re happy can tempt companies to ignore negative feedback. The fact that those opinions may be outliers that don’t accurately reflect the entirety of a company’s performance or the market environment is no excuse, however. When our customers communicate, we listen.

Since Total Transportation’s founding in 1989, we’ve been focused on providing efficient and economical transportation and distribution solutions. We’ve emerged from the pandemic stronger for the lessons we’ve learned in rising to meet the challenges of unprecedented industry conditions. It’s clear that shipping will face continuing unpredictable conditions as businesses in every sector recover from the pandemic and find a new normal, but we’re better prepared than ever to meet unexpected challenges. As the leading LTL trucking company in SoCal, we’ve reaffirmed our commitment to providing effective, reliable service to our clients, whatever the circumstances.

Customers have counted on us for years to provide flexible, personalized services and competitive rates for their logistics needs. With next-day delivery options and less-than-truckload services throughout the Southern California area, we have last-mile solutions for both commercial and residential deliveries. We’re also able to work with 3PLs and drayage to effectively move your goods where they need to be on schedule. Our online tracking system and friendly customer service staff ensure that you have full visibility into the location of your shipment, whether you prefer self-service options or hands-on assistance.

We know that businesses and individuals rely on dependable shipping, and we take the responsibility to provide that service seriously. We’re grateful to the many loyal customers who have continued to rely on the track record of success we’ve built over more than 30 years of serving the SoCal area, and we look forward to improving even further. To find out more about how Total Transportation & Distribution can serve your LTL shipping needs in Southern California with competitive pricing and responsive service, contact our team here.