TTD Awarded The Exceptional Performance Award For 2021

We are happy to announce Uline has awarded Total Transportation with their Exceptional Performance award for 2021!

Uline is a very important part of our company and has been a valued customer for many years. In 2021 Uline saw unprecedented growth driven by new customers and high demand. They recognized we, like every carrier, had hurdles to overcome caused by the pandemic. Adapting and working around obstacles, including changing the way we do business, was necessary daily to help Uline deliver on their promise and commitment to their customers. Therefore, this achievement was recognized at a higher magnitude because of how we bounced back and performed at such a high level after previous struggles. Thanks to your hard work, dedication, and exceptional teamwork, Total Transportation accomplished this award.

I mentioned exceptional teamwork because, during our struggles, it took every one of you to make this possible. A big thanks to Westset and TTW for being there and helping TTD overcome the challenges.

Congratulations, and please take great pride in this accomplishment!