Ruben Dominguez

In 1989 Ruben started a small trucking company which has grown and today is known as Total Transportation & Distribution, Inc. Ruben started driving trucks when he was just 21 years old. Working for G.I. Trucking, Ruben had the vision that he could provide excellent customer service and could start his own company providing LTL and TL services. He started with just 1 truck, 1 van, and 1 employee. He would make deliveries and pick-ups all day, come back into the yard in the afternoon, go out on sales calls, and then work until the late hours of the night doing paperwork and routing for the next day. The business has been very successful over the years and has continued to grow and gain market share in the transportation industry. Today, Total Transportation & Distribution, Inc., is a multi-million-dollar a-year business and Ruben is now semi-retired and enjoying the fruits of his labor.

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