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A great compliment from a customer to driver Luis Lopez.  The customer, Brenda Helt, left a very nice review on the Total Transportation Facebook page.

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The following is what Brenda wrote: See it live here….LIVE TESTIMONIAL

“Very impressed! The driver who had to deliver my load of shipping boxes in La Mesa today had to haul them up a hill and then up a flight of stairs to my front porch. Some of these were so heavy that I could only manage two at a time just pulling them a few feet to get them inside the front door. There were 20 like that, plus 25 smaller ones. I have a hard time getting Mr. Brown to walk a one pound package up that hill and steps. Thank you Total driver! (Ref #72805557)”

From the team at Total Transportation and Distribution……Great job Luis and thank you for taking such great care of our customers!

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