Albert Massol Shipping/Production Supervisor, Corona Clipper

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Albert Massol and I have been running operations for Corona Clipper for over 6 years. My main responsibility at Corona is to make sure our customers get prompt, reliable and good products in a timely manner.

Our main line of product is hand tools, used for landscaping, construction and agriculture activities.  Our partnership with Total Transportation is vital to the growth and reliability of our brand. They service us from North of Los Angeles to the San Ysidro border.  The level of service I get from them is second to none. Our product gets picked up and delivered to our customers within 24 hours. Their customer service, attention to detail with my freight, and the service provided by their fleet of trucks and drivers is unique and special for this region. I do business with almost every carrier in California and no one can beat their price per pallet.

I’m very happy with their service. My customers have also created a level of partnership with Total Transportation drivers making it easy by all to create a sense of pride and professionalism. I don’t have damaged products to our customers delivered by them, but if we have an issue with any particular freight or customer it is dealt with swiftly and promptly by the Total team. Our communication at both ends is superb.

I can also get full trucks delivered to one customer in a 24 hour turn around.  Their rates and prices can’t be beat. If you decide to use them for your business rest assured that your customers will be taken care of day in and out.  I have also used them to move from a warehouse to another in the past having a driver at my location for 9 hours in a day with two spot trailers.

I don’t have anything negative to say about Total Transportation, the level of service I get in this area is to be commended.