Moving Industrial Goods in SoCAL? Get it right with

Brexit may have caused some major global turbulence over the past week. We are optimistic that the stock market crash is only temporary and that the US will continue to thrive and grow especially in Southern California.

It is business as usual at Total Transportation and Distribution a.k.a. Total, we have our act together and we are here to service the industrial sector with our same day and next day deliveries. Reports are showing stronger growth and expansion within the Inland Empire, with an increase in women owned businesses. Statistics released by the UC Riverside School of Business Administration show that there is an increase in consumer and business spending in the Inland Empire. Taxable sales in both San Bernadino County and Riverside County outpaced growth in California overall. Located in Mira Loma in the Inland Empire, we have a fleet of over 100 trucks and drivers offering superior service for the industrial sector for deliveries anywhere from San Diego to Santa Barbara and everything in between.

The industrial manufacturing and/or distribution sector is made up of both lightweight and bulky products which require movement from point A to point B. Lightweight items are a no brainer for most people, the choice is to get items shipped by Total. This article is focused on the mid to heavier weighted items such as industrial gears, machinery, equipment, spare parts, all purchased directly by a consumer or a business, required either same day or next day.

So if you have doubts if Total can handle this, erase ALL doubts now. We can! Our drivers are more than competent in handling loading and unloading of industrial goods, they are focused on delivering 100% customer satisfaction and have an excellent track record of 99.9% on time delivery.

The way we work at Total is as such: As a rule of thumb we are able to pick up your freight the day of your request and can take orders as late as 2pm on any given same day. A case at hand is an industrial customer who has regular pick ups between the hours of 4pm and 6pm. We bring the consignment back to our terminal in Mira Loma, CA for an overnight stop and we route the delivery the next morning between 8am and Noon.

The key benefits of using Total:

Zero Hassles for Your Customers:

Reducing hassles for your customers is what we do best. Think about it, if they had to drive out to you, handle the moving items, there is time for travel, possibly the need to hire a van or mini truck, perhaps have loading and unloading issues and at the end of the day waste time which we all know flies by very quickly. Bottom line we reduce all hassles. All the customer has to do is place the order with you and we take it from there.

Minimal Down Time For Your Customers:

If the customer has purchased a spare part or equipment because there was a faulty unit or problematic part holding up a procedure or task, they don’t want to be waiting days on end for a replacement unit. This way if the order is placed on time, Total Transportation and Distribution can have it to your customer the next morning between 8am and Noon. Any guaranteed delivery requests will incur an additional charge. The downtime is minimal, loss of income potentially would not be as bad. Or the family with no air conditioning for the night can rest well the next morning after it is all fixed.

Increased Repeat Business For You:

If you are able to remove hassles and get things to run smoothly for your customers, why would they not come back to you. Repeat business is something we aim for as an outcome of your business. New referrals will also be part of the outcome with such customer service.

Total Transportation and Distribution prides itself as a privately owned trucking business located in Mira Loma with warehousing and distribution facilities in 2 major locations in Southern California. Brian Raub, Sales Director for the company is focused on committing to SoCAL businesses to provide top notch service at all times. “Our service is superior to other trucking companies, we know it, we just ask you to give us a try” says Brian Raub. A recent customer satisfaction survey revealed that Total is the number one choice for a trucking vendor because our drivers are friendly and helpful, deliveries are always on time and the team goes the extra mile to ensure every route is handled efficiently. For more information contact Brian Raub at