LTL Shipping in 2022

Among the factors continuing to impact the freight industry in 2022, one of the largest-looming issues is the national driver shortage. According to the American Trucking Association, the sector was short 80,000 drivers by the end of 2021, a fact attributed to a complex set of circumstances that have led more drivers to retire or leave the field at the same time recruiting new drivers has become harder. The ATA believes that if current trends continue, the shortage will only continue to grow over the next decade.

While the shortage has been most pronounced in the longer-haul truckload market, the impact of reduced staffing has been felt throughout the freight industry. Without a prospect of that changing in the near term, customers looking for less-than-truckload freight solutions need to ask themselves—how long will they accept “driver shortages” as an excuse for delayed shipments, fumbled pickups, and disappointing service? At Total Transportation & Distribution, we’re not waiting for ideal conditions that may never materialize to provide dependable shipping to our clients.

Operational Efficiency, Spot-On Customer Service

When the resources at your disposal aren’t as large as they once were, the answer is to use the resources you have more efficiently. Total Transportation, which has expanded from humble beginnings in 1989 to serve Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego today, has always been committed to making the most effective use of our workforce and equipment. The lessons we’ve learned during the pandemic, coupled with our continual investments in technology to manage our shipping and give our customers full visibility into the status of their shipments, have made our operations smoother than ever, allowing us to overcome the impact of driver shortages.

A typical working day at Total Transportation includes a range of challenges, from liaising with drayage pickups to making deliveries at commercial and residential addresses throughout SoCal. The less-than-truckload (LTL) market comes with an inherent complexity that requires attention to detail and flexibility to ensure that all shipments are delivered accurately. Does every pickup and delivery go exactly as expected every time? Of course not—that’s simply part of life. But this is where our experience and our commitment to customer service are most valuable.

In the last 30 years, we’ve become the leading LTL trucking company in Southern California for a reason. Our results-driven team has only one goal, which is to find solutions for our clients. We know that our customers rely on dependable service and accurate information, and they depend on us to overcome any obstacles in the way. When businesses and individuals ship with us, they get the convenience of online tracking and self-service tools, backed up by knowledgeable, friendly customer service staff who are available for hands-on help. We work continually to give you the best possible shipping experience, no matter the circumstances.

SoCal LTL Shipping

For years, customers have depended on us to provide competitive rates, flexible service, and dependable follow-through for their logistics needs. We have extensive experience working with 3PLs and drayage to ensure that goods are picked up and delivered where they need to be on a schedule so your business can keep moving. We also offer next-day delivery options and less-than-truckload services throughout Southland. When challenges arise, we work smarter to maintain the level of service that our customers have come to expect.

Are driver shortages part of today’s new normal? It certainly looks that way. After years of supply chain shortages, shutdowns, and fluctuations that upended usual freight patterns and strained the transportation system, we doubt it’s the last challenge our industry will see, either. Nevertheless, Total Transportation & Distribution is working every day to maintain and improve our tradition of reliably serving your LTL shipping needs with responsive, personalized service and competitive pricing. To find out more about how Total Transportation & Distribution can provide LTL service you can count on, contact our team here.