The Benefits of Dealing with a Mid Size Company for Logistics

When Total Transportation was founded in 1989, one thing served as a defining principle: the customer is king. Which is why we’re always so ecstatic to receive feedback such as this (via Facebook [link:

Very impressed! The driver who had to deliver my load of shipping boxes in La Mesa today had to haul them up a hill and then up a flight of stairs to my front porch. Some of these were so heavy that I could only manage two at a time just pulling them a few feet to get them inside the front door. There were 20 like that, plus 25 smaller ones. I have a hard time getting Mr. Brown to walk a one pound package up that hill and steps. Thank you Total driver!

Without inferring too much, it’s easy to deduce that this satisfied customer was comparing her experience with Total Transportation to previous unsatisfactory experiences with larger logistics and delivery companies.

While major international players such as Fed-Ex and UPS may have the name recognition that comes with a strong international network, it often comes at the expense of a more personalized touch. As a family-owned mid-size company, we are in a position to center all of our operations on providing value and satisfaction to the customer.

As we’ve grown over the past two decades, we’ve been able to implement numerous improvements that help us better serve our customers, and provide an expedient and affordable transportation experience:

Transportation Management System

The core of our shipping service is our Transportation Management System; a fully integrated operating system that promotes efficiency and seamless communication throughout our shipping chain.

When you partner with Total Transportation for your shipping and delivery, we put the power of knowledge in your hands. The TMS encompasses every link in the shipping chain, from warehouse organization, to order fulfillment, to delivery.

When a package is first scanned in the warehouse, it goes into a computer system that tracks its journey from beginning to end. You receive real-time data about the status of your shipments, as well as the inventory at the warehouse. This paints an accurate picture of your supply and delivery operations, so you can make informed decisions about ordering and inventory.

The benefit is further passed on to the end user as well, since the knowledge provided by the TMS lets you effectively communicate shipping times and other pertinent information.

Map Coverage

Total Transportation is constantly rolling out new service areas, we’ve recently restructured our service map to cover everywhere from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and as far east as San Bernardino. Within these expanded service areas, we’re able to serve more population centers than ever before, and provide greater reach for all of our customers.

Furthermore, our centralized location in Southern California is in close proximity to the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles, putting us in a key position as a shipping hub for international import into Southern California. Combined with our reach across all the major population centers in Southern California, this makes us uniquely suited as a transportation partner for any business servicing the Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, or Santa Barbara region, and everywhere in between.

With our vast service network, dependable shipping, and the visibility and reliability made possible by the TMS, we offer a strong alternative to larger shipping and logistics companies. We have grown from our humble beginning by keeping a strong focus on customer service, and still maintain that focus in everything we do. So maybe instead of the brown truck you might want to see our white and blue trucks instead? Call us for a quote we would love to hear from you.