Employee Dedication, A Culture of Loyalty

We would like to take a moment to thank Jose Garcia and Laurie Salazar for their 30-years of dedication to Total Transportation and Distribution. They each exemplify loyalty, commitment, dedication, and tenacity – qualities that Total Transportation highly values.

It’s difficult to imagine what Total Transportation looked like when Laurie and Jose started here, working for our founder Ruben Dominguez. At the time, Total Transportation was composed of two trucks, which is hard to imagine now because we serve all of Southern California with premier integrated transportation and distribution solutions, managing more than 150 vehicles. Total Transportation is the preferred handler of transportation demands for large packing supply manufacturers due to our track record of dependability and success.

Both Laurie and Jose are each an essential part of our company’s success. Their commitment and flexibility through our expansion and various positions throughout the company have made them integral parts of Total’s growth and exceptional service. Laurie started at Total Transportation typing freight bills and she is now currently the Controller, running the accounting division smoothly and efficiently. In turn, her expertise and dedication have allowed Total Transportation to grow and thrive.  

Jose is the Business Development Manager/Terminal Manager, responsible for the transportation terminal in Rancho Cucamonga working with the Transportation Manager, Derek Franco to oversee the Dispatchers, Drivers, Independent Contractors, the Sales Team and the RA Team. He partners with Eduardo Galindo, Warehouse Manager I to ensure the transportation team and the warehouse personnel are working smoothly and cohesively together. When Jose began at Total Transportation 30 years ago, he was only 17-years-old, nicknamed ‘Bushy’ due to his head full of hair, and teaching himself English by listening to the radio and watching TV. Ruben mentored Jose; he once spent an entire day trying to explain the phrase ‘a hard day’s night’.  Ruben taught Jose how to drive a truck and Jose would practice in the warehouse yard, driving, turning, and backing up to the dock. In fact, Jose made the first Uline delivery when the company first started doing business with Uline. 

Jose and Laurie are both extremely dedicated and hard-working. Their commitment to Total Transportation is a point of pride for the company. Both Laurie and Jose have grown with the business through all of these years and they have been instrumental in critical decision-making, changes, innovations and new technology the company has gone through. They have both played a huge role in helping to make this company as successful as we are today and we are truly grateful for their contributions.

The 30-year experiences of both Jose and Laurie are also a testament to the work environment we strive to foster at Total Transportation. If you are looking for a great place to work, you are in luck. Here at Total Transportation and Distribution, we are adding jobs across the industry, from driving jobs to customer service representatives. If a company that prioritizes teamwork, integrity, and safety sounds appealing, the new website also features a Careers Portal where candidates can see a list of open positions at Total Transportation and Distribution. Job openings listed on this website will range from executive positions and accounting, to dispatch, to driving for Total.

A heartfelt thank you to Jose and Laurie, and congratulations on 30 years! We’re all looking forward to seeing what you accomplish over the next 30 years!