Meet Alec Dominguez, General Manager

A Blend of Hands-on Experience, Entrepreneurial Spirit, and a Commitment to Excellence.

Alec Domingeuz

Alec Dominguez

As the General Manager of Total Transportation and Distribution and Westset Logistics, Alec Dominguez embodies a blend of hands-on experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and a commitment to excellence in every facet of the logistics industry.

A graduate of Santa University of California Santa Barbara, Alec’s journey into the realm of logistics commenced with humble beginnings. He didn’t ascend to the position of General Manager overnight; rather, Alec’s ascent began from the warehouse floor, where he diligently worked as an associate, handling inventory and coordinating shipments. This foundational experience provided him with invaluable insights into the inner workings of the business, fostering direct connections with customers and truck drivers alike.

Eager to broaden his perspective, Alec transitioned through various roles within the company, including customer service. This diversification of experience enabled him to grasp the intricacies of the industry from multiple vantage points, solidifying his understanding of the operational dynamics.

Driven by a curiosity for business, Alec embarked on a personal venture, establishing his own menswear clothing line. Through this entrepreneurial endeavor, he honed his acumen in business management while gaining firsthand insights into the logistical challenges faced by fellow entrepreneurs.

Drawing upon his familial ties to Total Transportation, with his father being the founder and owner, Alec returned to the company with renewed vigor and a heightened appreciation for efficient logistics, warehousing, and transportation. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape and a keen awareness of customer needs, Alec seamlessly transitioned into his current role as General Manager.

Alec’s vision for the future is characterized by a dual focus on company growth and unwavering dedication to both customers and employees. Embracing a people-centered approach, he remains committed to upholding his father’s legacy of success, ensuring a smooth and prosperous succession that reflects his comprehensive involvement in all aspects of the business.

With Alec Dominguez at the helm, Total Transportation and WestSet Logistics are poised to embark on a trajectory of sustained growth and unparalleled service, driven by a steadfast commitment to excellence and a deep-rooted passion for the industry.