Meet Ruben Dominguez

A Business Where Everyone on the Team is Treated Equally, and the Customer Comes First

The Start of Something Big, With Ruben Dominguez 

Regarding examples of sustainable business growth, the American dream is Ruben Dominguez.

Ruben is the founder and owner of Southern California’s most trusted transportation company. I’ve always been intrigued by the backstory of successful businesses, and recently, our team had an opportunity to spend some time with Ruben, the owner and founder of Total Transportation & Distribution and Westset Logistics, and ask him about his story and how his company evolved.

To begin with, Ruben is a manifestation of the American Dream

His story truly represents where hard work and intelligent entrepreneurship merge. Walking into the warehouse, we notice that the racks’ vast space and height are organized as towers in a perfect configuration. It is centrally located in Southern California in Fullerton, a city connecting LA and Orange County to the Inland Empire, just north of San Diego County. The entire area is bustling because it is close to one of the busiest transportation ports (Port of Long Beach) AND the world (San Ysidro and Otay Mesa borders). 

The location, secured with intent, is an organized and immaculate space where even the racks get dusted daily. But this is not the story of the warehouse. It is the story of Ruben Dominguez, a hard-working and dedicated entrepreneur focused on helping the customer and ensuring his team is well cared for.

Ruben shares his story by telling us that it all started because he needed a job. So he went to an agency and saw they were hiring truck drivers. However, he did not know how to drive a truck, so he signed up to learn and got his truck driver’s license.

As a truck driver, he started in the transportation business. You could say that the rest is history, but history did not happen overnight, and although we won’t cover it in this article, the “history” now continues.

For many success stories, there is a vision, a plan, and milestones to achieve goals. What is most interesting is that Ruben’s only vision was to ensure he always provided solutions to his customers.

Even when he was not getting paid, he would offer help because he knew that people remember good deeds and that good deeds pay off in the long run. It is why, decades after those original days of hard work, he now has some of the most demanding customers in the industry. His partnership with Uline Logistics has been only possible because, through his team, Ruben can provide Uline with the excellent service and attention to detail they need.

Having demanding customers and being demanding of oneself ensures that operations flow seamlessly. One thing is evident during our interview with Ruben: he mentions the people who are there to make it happen at each stage and milestone for this business. 

The success continues and as the story evolves, Ruben’s story continues.